Being able to distribute a consistent social media message, is best done when you recognize that the best way to deliver your content is based on analytics from your audience interactions. From the small candid post that shares your love for puppies and is an avid animal lover, your customers will recognize and identify with your mission statement thus converting your clients into fans and evangelists of your brand.

 81% of millennials expect their favorite companies to make public declarations of their corporate citizenship (Forbes Magazine – March 2017)

Business Portraits


After 7 years, I felt like it was time to re-brand CrosssFit San Ramon, give it a fresh look and a new logo. I asked the experts at Legendary Puma if they’d be interested in giving me some ideas as I was impressed with some of the other logos and branding they had done for various businesses.
The process was fast and easy. They listened to what it was I was asking for, and combined that with their artistic minds and created what we’ve used for years now as our logo. It always catches peoples eye and the clothing we design for members always looks sharp! Thank you Legendary Puma for putting 100% effort in to designing our logo and creating a fresh brand for us.

Tim Hill, CrossFit San Ramon Owner
There’s always so much going on in our gym at any given time. We strive to capture moments showing our members and the amazing things they do on a daily basis. Legendary Puma has been an integral part in the building of our business through video and photography. From our commercial, to videos from competitions and other events at our CrossFit gym, to hundreds of professionally shot photographs, they’ve done a top notch job. Our members love seeing themselves on our social media and website, and we owe most of the credit to Legendary Pumas videos and photography! They have a professional eye and endless resources to create amazing final products.
Lori Mortensen, CrossFit San Ramon Owner

Front-End Beautification

Regardless of the shape, size or color, our artists can always find the way to best represent your business. When someone is looking for a service that you provide, a beautiful image always makes the difference between being found and being ignored…

News Media

Our work can be candid enough to be used in a social media website, and also be placed in the front page of a magazine. Your outreach analytics always determine what forms and mediums your clients are consuming your content, we just make sure they remember it.



Story Telling Video

What we like to call the “Soft Sale” is a technique of making a video to showcase your companies assets and quality of work, while the viewer is being sold through beautiful imagery that sells, through a story that is easy to follow and your followers can relate.

New & Returning Traffic Video

Funny video designed to make people laugh and be aware of a gym that has great attitude and great people inside of it. Designed to bring new gym goers to the gym and to bring a laugh to the gym’s members to sustain the brand identity of being a fun family gym .

Traffic Video

This video was an designed to drive traffic to the website by showcasing coaches doing incredible things.

Interview Style Video

This company wanted to showcase a few of it’s vendors by interviewing them and showcasing new or existing technologies.

Food Photography

We receive a lot of requests to represent restaurants, even though it’s a very challenging and hands on business we love the challenge. Here are some examples of our social media work for a few restaurants.

Fitness Photography

There are lots of different ways to shoot fitness products or work with influencers in the fitness industry, we have been very lucky to always have a great relationship with our clients and the influencers we work with. Thats mainly due to our professionalism and our making sure everyone is happy, which is always challenging and fun!

Traffic Video

This video was an designed to drive traffic to the website by showcasing coaches doing incredible things.

Showcase Video Commercial

Fun video, one of our first productions, meant to show some of the clients best customer service features. Which by the way, we also were part of making happen. Enjoy!

General Designs

We receive a lot of requests to represent all types of small businesses, depending on the business needs and our opportunity to showcase and help your business grow we take on all types of challenges. Let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to work with you.